Atlanta vs. Atalanta

Paolo Castagno p.castagno at
Wed Feb 14 21:57:26 CET 2001

Frank Stajano wrote:

> By the way, what is Atalanta for an American? To me it's 
> the name of an Italian football team I heard when I was 
> in primary school -- no idea if they still 

Yes, sadly they are still around there! ;-)
Last sunday Lazio couldn't go further than a 0-0 against the
Bergamo team! :-(

BTW, to be on topic: is Barrier book reprinted? I looked for it
on Amazon few months ago, and it wasn't there (I don't recall if
it was out-of-stock or unknown...). 
Since it seems to be the "Bible" for a duck fan, I'd like to buy
(and read) it.

  - Paolo

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