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I'd want to speak about genetic among Disney's "animals".
First, Disney's anthropomorphics characters can be classified into several pedigrees: Duckbills (Ducks, Geeses...)like Donald, Gladstone or Gus, Birdbeaks (other birds), Mousears(Mice, Weasels, Rats...)like Mortimer, Mickey, Dogfaces (Dogs, Wolves) like Goofy or BadWolf, Dognoses (Humans with just a dog nose, but human ears), like Arpine, Teddy Roosevelt, Anthropomised Cows, like Clarabelle, Anthropomised Horses, like Horace, ... and Humans (you know what it is, don't you?).
You mustn't mistake *pedigree* and *race*, which are different things : there can be arabian, or blacks Duckbills, or Dogfaces...
There is not racism between Pedigrees, but there is between races.
As we can see in many stories and cartoons, those different pedigrees can be in love with eachother, and so have children. But what pedigree will he be of ?
I'm going to try to answer, basing myself on ALL, one more time...
I think that the Disney Characters have a part reserved for the pedigree, and that the rest works like for us (eye's color and shape, skin's color, ears...).
This part works with a special way. We never can find a mousear with a beak, for instance, so in this part of the chromosomes, all the genetic is recessive, or all the genetic is dominant.
The pedigrees can also be divided into two groups: those who hatch from eggs, and the mammals.
Not to see a Mouse in a egg, or a Duck being delivered of a Mouse, we can say that between the two groups, the child with always be the same pedigree than his mother.So a child between Minnie and Donald, as Donald is in love with her in a Mouseworks' episode, would be a Mousear.
Then, a Duckbill with a birdbeak can do both Duckbills or Birdbeaks.
The example is in DonRosa's Tree: Casey Coot is an anthropomised gander (a Duckbill) and Gretchen Grebe is an anthropomised chicken (a Birdbeak), and their children are a Duckbill and a Birdbeak
The Humans, Dogfaces, Dognoses, are very akin (From a Barks' to a Rosa's story, it has already happened that a characters Human become a Dognose, or vice versa..., and Miss Goofy seems to be a human, in some cartoons)I think it's the same thing with Pignoses, A.Cows and A.Horses.
So the child between two of those pedigree can be of the first's or the second's pedigree.
Then, if some of the parents is a Mousear, and the other is a mammal, so the child will be a mammal (In "The Brave Little Tailor", Minnie is the daughter of a Dogface, and in "Middle Ages' Mickey", she is the daughter of a Catspaw).So a child between Goofy and Minnie's Aunt Marrissa would be a Mousear.An it's logic! imagine a Goofy in Minnie's belly!
Now let's sum up!
Duckbill+Birdbeak=Duckbill or Birdbeak
Dogface+Human/Dognose/Catspaw/Pignose/...=Dogface or Human/Dognose/Catspaw/Pignose/...
Male Bird+Female Mammal=Mammal
Male Mammal+ Female Bird=Bird

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