Morty & Ferdie in Gyro story

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Wed Feb 28 16:38:47 CET 2001

"Gilles MAURICE" <goofy313g at> wrote:

>  >>>you never see mousefaces in the duck stories=20
>Yes, in a Gyro Gearloose's story, in US 13, you'll see Morty and Ferdie =

     Interesting fact is that those characters were originally 
supposed to be Huey, Dewey, or Louie in Barks' original story, but 
were changed at the last moment when the US Post Office decided that 
characters in the backup stories couldn't be the same as those in the 
main feature. (This was one of the strange requirements in content 
needed in order to get a second class mailing permit in order to send 
subscription copies through the mail at a much reduced rate. This was 
also the reason the Gyro stories exist at all (and since they're some 
of my favorites, perhaps we should thank the bureaucrats this time).)
     In another Gyro story, the character "Speedy" was originally 
supposed to be Donald (which is why he drives a car that looks just 
like Donald's.)

best -- Merlin Haas

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