Silvia Ziche, Italian artists, Disney style

Søren Krarup Olesen sko at
Sat Jan 6 18:00:25 CET 2001


> > Lara Molinari( It's a He or a She???)
> It's a She, but I don't like her particularly (even though I don't dislike
> her either)

I think Lara does an excellent job. The art is easy to recognise
and she definetely has her own personal style, whatever that implies
(Hi, Kriton! :-)

Still, are you folks completely forgetting Laura Bozzano? Many
artists have been praised (for some reason) during the years by copying
Barks' style, but Laura managed to adopt Carpi's style to an extent
that might fool any novice in the "art of art recognition". Very
talented, but of course I have no idea what she looks
like--something which is completely irrelevant anyway :-)


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