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Fernando Ventura fernandopventura at
Sat Jan 6 06:33:07 CET 2001

> There are more informations about her...her work? I think that we need
> improve more times the creator section on DCML...let's help Per

There used to be a "beta" secret site about her, made by her brother, but
that was a couple of years ago and after a while it disappeared; I never
heard about it anymore :-(

For this we need to catch all the information togheter! :)

> I like:
> Claudio Sciarrone

Me too, I'm glad I'm not the only one to like him. (I have to say that
lately he's gotten a bit worse... I think that's because of the low pay
:-( )

On Italy too???

> Stefano Intini

I used to hate him, his PKNA stories are frankly horrible, BUT the short
ones, still on PKNA, about Evrons, were very good. I realized that his
only problems are ducks. He just has no idea what they should look like.

I never see the PKNA of Intini! But I think it;s terrible to him to see his
work changed that time by Disney, principally because it's not his name that
My firsts Duck and Mickey's stories are "correct" by other artist! Because
my style are VERY much different!

> Lara Molinari( It's a He or a She???)

It's a She, but I don't like her particularly (even though I don't dislike
her either)

I like the ink of her histories...Is that made by she, herself? I never see
a credit to a inker on Topolino comics!

> Alessandro Barbucci (Paperino Paperotto is GREAT!!! It goes to the
> of this too!)

I hate Paperino Paperotto(...)

It's very much "Calvin and Hobbes"..."Inspiration"?!
Weel...I like...

The "greatest" one is (was) Tito Faraci, but he seems to have left Disney,
so... :-(
Another good one is Silvano Mezzavilla.

Right! I will read then with more attention...!
On Brazil, the best one's, actually :

Arthur Faria Jr
Gérson Teixeira

My oppinion, off course!

"Old" Cavazzano clones are Mastantuono and Intini, but later on thay
changed they're style into something more personal... the problem is that
Mastantuono after a very poor period has reached a good level now, while
Intini IMHO not yet.

I have a question! If I work to Disney Italy comics, I'm obliged to work on
the "italian style", or I can do my style? I mean:

I can use the Fethry' original design(well, not the original, the Hubbard's
style), for example?
I can use the Bark's Money Bin?
I can NOT use Battista?
I can do a story with Glittering Goldie, besides Briggita?(Well I like a lot
Briggita, it's just a question!)
I can work with any Disney Universe...for example, "Os Adolescentes"?

> This one's that I speak about are able to do there own style...It this
> I most like on  Disney comics, when a artist has his own style! For this
> like so much Reanto Canini! It's different from influence.

Renato Canini?

Ok...I writted wrong...ReANto Canini...but, the question go for this, or
about who is he?

He was one of the best brazilian artist...but Disney put him out, because
his styles was very much "polittical"...I will send you a example of Canini!


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