Silvia Ziche, Italian artists, Disney style

Søren Krarup Olesen sko at
Sun Jan 7 13:47:51 CET 2001


> > [...] but Laura managed to adopt Carpi's style to an extent
> > that might fool any novice in the "art of art recognition". Very
> > talented [...]

> Agreed, but that's a Carpi's clone, what's good in that?

There is nothing "good" in that itself, well, perhaps in this case
because Laura did it in such a very convincing way. The interesting
thing is the style development. Unfortunately it seems that Laura
stopped her activities a few years ago, so we'll never know what her
style would have looked like today.

However, let's take another (female) Carpi "clone": Anna Marabelli.
Take a look at her latest story "Paperino e la telefonino-mania" (I PM 
243-2) -- certainly very interesting art, coming from a person who made
rather boring "Carpish" art in the beginning. My point is, that
sometimes copying other people's art in the beginning of the career not
always is such a bad idea; Scarpa->Cavazzano, Gatto->Held, Massimo de
Vita->Valussi and my favourite: Cavazzano->Mastantuono(!) :-)

Of course we also have less succesful examples, e.g. Bottaro->Scala.


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