Scrooge's past Candico86 at
Sun Jan 7 22:33:29 CET 2001

I have a few questions that I was hoping someone is able to answer about 
Scrooge Mcduck.  I am aware of many adventures he went on with HD&L and 
Donald but I was never sure what adventures he went on before he met them.  I 
heard somethings about how he traded things in different places, sold things 
in different places, and was a prospector in different places.  If anyone can 
add to that list or say what he prospected, sold, or traded, or anything 
else, I would like it very much.  If you don't mind making a small list of 
things he did then I would love it very much.  Also, if someone knows where 
to find back issues to Scrooge comics or the book, "The Life and Times of 
Scrooge Mcduck" anywhere on the internet or any book store or places to call, 
I would like that a lot.  Thank you very much to anyone who can answer these 

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