List of creators!

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Mon Jan 8 11:46:13 CET 2001

> From: Fernando Ventura [mailto:fernandopventura at]
> Sent: Sunday, January 07, 2001 7:02 AM

> Remenber when I ask about creators on DCML? I have now this 
> list of Disney creators:

> (writter)

Make that "writer". 8-)

> .Janet Gilbert
> .Mark Evanier

I don't think they are a member of DCML. They do have e-mail, though. And if
you include Janet Gilbert, you also may include her husband, Michael T.

> Maybe there are more!

Daniël van Eijmeren co-wrote a story (not published yet).

Kari Korhonen may be lurking here (I don't know). Same with Jos Beekman.

Byron Erickson once was on DCML, but I think he left.


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