Silvia Ziche, Italian artists, Disney style

Alex Görig alex.goerig at
Mon Jan 8 15:41:59 CET 2001

Hi there,

Søren wrote:

> always is such a bad idea; Scarpa->Cavazzano, Gatto->Held, Massimo de
> Vita->Valussi and my favourite: Cavazzano->Mastantuono(!) :-)
> Of course we also have less succesful examples, e.g. Bottaro->Scala.

Guido Scala is much better than Bottaro. But that's my own,
subjective opinion... ;-)

Francesco Spreafico wrote:

> At the beginning, no doubt! But, for example, nor Held neither Valussi
> ever reached a high level.

Well, Held's drawings are really horrible, but Valussi got a
nice style. BTW, does anybody know what Valussi is doing next
to drawing for Disney? Since his "launch" in 1986 he hasn't
done much stories...

Did we already talk about Alessandro Gottardo? His style also
looks like Cavazzano's - but only a bit. ;-)


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