Carl Barks and Peg-leg-Pete

Marco Barlotti marcobar at
Mon Jan 8 09:52:58 CET 2001

We have discussed among friends the following question.

Carl Barks drew Peg-leg Pete (the villain in Mickey Mouse stories) quite a
few times.

But did Barks ever officially "declare" him to be Peg-leg-Pete?

My opinion is that no, he never called him "Peg-leg-Pete", in no story.
While (for instance) Luca Boschi suggests that he did so in the following

W US 28-02
Gyro Gearloose and "The Inventor's Contest"
(a 4-pager)

Does anyone on this list own a copy of "UNCLE $CROOGE" #28
(12/1959-2/1960), so he can check the original script and tell me what the
villain is called?

(I reckon he's called "Pierre Le Fraud". But Luca says that Gyro addresses
him as "Peg-leg Pete"...)



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