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Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Tue Jan 9 10:03:44 CET 2001

> Harry:
> > .Janet Gilbert
> > .Mark Evanier
> I don't think they are a member of DCML.

Can you PLEASE add a > (or some other mark) to ALL the text you are quoting
in a message? Otherwise we cannot see which text is yours and which was
Most e-mail programs have an option to automatically add >s to the message
you reply to.

> Hum...I get this information on:
> and:

You must have made one mistake there.
To my surprise, the page on Mark says that he *is* a member. I never knew
Janet Gilbert is listed as a *former* member, which I think is correct.

> I think we have lot's of information about lot's of Disney
> creators and we are not using it!

Yes. I also sent photographs of some of the artists I know to Per, but he
didn't put them on the website yet.

> My english is terrible!

You probably need one of my devices, as shown at 8-)

(No problem, of course. Someone can check the English after you/we collected
the data.)

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