Carl Barks and Peg-leg-Pete DGE at
Tue Jan 9 12:08:31 CET 2001

	Hey Marco!

>Carl Barks drew Peg-leg Pete (the villain in Mickey Mouse stories) quite a
>few times.
>But did Barks ever officially "declare" him to be Peg-leg-Pete?
>My opinion is that no, he never called him "Peg-leg-Pete", in no story.
>While (for instance) Luca Boschi suggests that he did so in the following
>W US 28-02
>Gyro Gearloose and "The Inventor's Contest"
>(a 4-pager)

	Gyro *does* call him Black Pete in that story.
	Quite a surprise to have Barks, in a story that he wrote and drew
completely on his own (to the best of my knowledge), independently decide to
just use Pete out of the blue. But he did...

	David Gerstein

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