Harry: Correcting myself!

Fernando Ventura fernandopventura at uol.com.br
Tue Jan 9 11:26:22 CET 2001


>Can you PLEASE add a > (or some other mark) to ALL the text you are quoting
>in a message? Otherwise we cannot see which text is yours and which was
>Most e-mail programs have an option to automatically add >s to the message
>you reply to.

Sorry for this and that!!! I was almost sleeping when I send my last message

>To my surprise, the page on Mark says that he *is* a member. I never knew

Me too!!! In fact, I don't know much about he!

>Yes. I also sent photographs of some of the artists I know to Per, but he
>didn't put them on the website yet.

It is good!!! What artists? Or it will be a surprise?
Maybe Per don't have very much time to do it! I see he very FEW times on
DCML, and on the first years(I'm reading the first's DCML archives!), he
appear a lot!

If someone can help to improve my list, as Harry and Rob, I will be very

> My english is terrible!
>You probably need one of my devices, as shown at
>http://members.tripod.lycos.nl/bolderbast/ 8-)

Yes! Three years studing english on a school are not better than this
incredible machine! Maybe I can ask Gyro to do one to me(Sometimes he visits
Brazil, and test his inventions on Vila Xurupita)...and I can pay royalties
to you!!! :)

Someone has answers on my questions about royalties/articles/use of images?
Maybe the italian authors around here?

Thanks for everything!

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