Carl Barks, Bill Wright and Peg-leg-Pete

Luca Boschi cnotw at
Wed Jan 10 02:40:31 CET 2001

Hi, Marco, and all!

>> Gyro *does* call him Black Pete in that story.
> Since we're on this subject...
> Exactly WHEN did Peg-leg Pete become "Black Pete" ?

Good question. Maybe Alberto, and / or Leonardo, owners of "Mickey Mouse"
magazines before WDC&S can tell us more precise answers.

I think immediately AFTER the "Riddle of the Red Hat". For some reasons,
story men try NOT to call Pete in any way, to avoid the "peg-leg" name (this
is one of the original reasons of the long "unnaming Pete" by Barks?).

Well, just now, I checked the first Mickey "original" serial with Pete in
WDC&S: the Bill Wright version of "Mistery *AT* Hidden River", first part,
published in WDC&S with cover date of Jan. 1950 (not exactly a mint issue,
but more precious for me, because it was sent me as a present by Jack
Bradbury, around twenty years ago).

In the story, the fake name of Pete is still "Pierre de la Pooch" (very
similar to the fake one in the Barks' GG story), but Mickey, when recognizes
his identity, screams: "BLACK PETE!"

So, at the time, the changement was just done. And, as I told you before, no
reference to the "old" peg-leg anymore exsist.

Someone can tell us an earlier date?

For example, how is Pete called in the B. Wright's story "MM on Spook's
Island", published in "Four Color" # 170, Nov. 1947?

(Black Pete, I assume)...


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