Finnish Donald Duck artists

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> Jukka Murtosaari lived and worked in Burbank for about a year, back around
> 1991 or 1992. He's from Helsinki, Finland, and he did several covers for
> for Donald Duck Adventures and Uncle Scrooge when I was the editor on
> titles when Disney was publishing the comics. I don't know if those covers
> were picked up or used by other publishers, so I don't know if he
> for "Internationally published Disney comics artist," but he and Kari
> Korhonen are both excellent artists. Jukka also worked on the Muuman
> in Finland.  I believe he's living in Finland again.

According to the Inducks, one of his covers has been published elsewhere
than in the US:

KJU 020        1 c          JMi JMu US  T:This is it! Return to Xanadu - the
|      sequel you didn't expect!
|      [pubdate:1991-12]
|      fi: RS1991B12
|      us: US 261

Strange that the Finns didn't use the Rosa cover for this story...

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