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>> Dutch artist Carol Voges died last Tuesday. This was in
>> my newspaper yesterday. Carol is remembered mostly by his non-Disney things.
>> But in a smaller circle he is also famous for drawing the ugliest Duck
>> characters of the 1970s. In a recent interview he said "he never objected"
>> to making Disney stories. I think his work showed that attitude...
> I disagree. I consider Voges' Duck art even very good. We already talked about
> this, Harry, but I want other list members to know about my "second opinion",
> so they won't take yours for a scientific fact. To me, there's no such thing
> as
> bad Voges art.
>        Asking Harry what should be so bad about Voges' Duck drawings,
> he answered with an argument about lots of little lines depicting motion. I
> hardly see them.
>        Other Dutch list members here with any expressed opinion about
> Voges' Disney art?

Carol Voges as an artist had his own, very distinct style. This made his
Disney-comics instantly recognizable as made-by-Voges instead of
His style was not flamboyant, experimental, sketchy or flashy. His drawings
had robust, solid feel to them. And indeed, because his characters looked a
little motionless, he sometimes overdid it in the speed lines-department,
trying to suggest movement.
I would not ask Carol Voges to draw fast and furious Barks-like adventures
for experienced readers. But for a very young audience, that needs to have
their Disney comics presented clearly and comprehensible, he may have been
the best.
I understand why not many people will choose Carol Voges as their favorite
Disney artist. Personally, I consider him to have been a great craftsman and
one of the greatest comic professionals who worked in the Netherlands in the
last more-than-fifty years.

Pascal Oost

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