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Henri Kunne HJC.Kunne at net.HCC.nl
Mon Jan 15 22:16:15 CET 2001

At 09:36 14-1-01, Rob Klein wrote:

>Regarding Henri Kunne's query over opinions on Carol Voges' Ducks:
>Hoi Henri!
>I agree with Harry.  To me, Carol's Ducks are ugly.  Of course, (as Ole
>Reichstein Nielsen pointed out) that is likely because I am measuring the
>quality of all Duck drawings based on my having been introduced to the
>Ducks by seeing Carl Barks' Ducks.

Could well be right. In the early 1960, Strobl was a regular guest in the Dutch
Donald weekly and I still like him (see below).

>I do Not like the Ducks of Carol, Romano Scarpa, post 1958 (1959 and later)
>Tony Strobl work, most of the Italian artists, McSavage, Harry Balm, Danny
>Wanner, Jules Coenen (sometimes), Marc de Jonge, most of the other Western
>Publishing artists, Don Rosa, Paul Murray,many of the Hachette artists,
>many of the Egmont Spanish artists....etc.
>Eddy van Schuylenburg, Vicar, Jules Coenen (at his best), Michel Nadorp,
>Endre Lucasz, Carpi, Cavazzano (at his best)
>It is a matter of style chosen by the artist, and individual taste of the 

You are quite right, of course: it's a matter of taste. Hoewever, I want to put
one thing straight. There are two standards to judge Disney art c.q. Duck art
by: is it technically correct? Are the Ducks "cute"? It's clear that you are on
the technical side. This can be seen from your choices: Barks, old Strobl,
and _not_ the Italian artists, not even Scarpa.
         I'm on the cute side; so I do like most of the famous Italians, 
of Strobl. Of course I'm not exactly a Barks hater <g>, but I read his
stories to read the stories, if you know what I mean. Enjoying nice, charming
art is a different thing. To everyone, his specialism. Voges is one of the cute
Duck artists, and I love his stories for it. (Not as stories indeed, 
they're full
of cliches.)

>As you can tell from these lists, my views (....) come from personal taste,
>and do not relate exactly to technical competence of the artist.

As you've read, I do not completely agree with that. I think they do; but
chances are that it's not exactly competence that counts, but the artist's
goal, or specialization.

At 14 Jan 2001 11:37:45, Frank Stajano wrote:

>At 2001-01-13 20:20 +0100, Henri Kunne wrote:
> >         Other Dutch list members here with any expressed opinion about
> >Voges' Disney art?
>Obvious follow-up: why not putting up a few scans somewhere so that we can
>all form first-hand opinions?

Very good excuse: because I haven't got a scanner at the moment.

At Mon, 15 Jan 2001 10:19:47, Harry Fluks wrote:

> > I consider Voges' Duck art even very good. We
> > already talked about
> > this, Harry, but I want other list members to know about my
> > "second opinion",
> > so they won't take yours for a scientific fact.
>Of course my opinion is not a scientific fact. I'm not sure why you think
>anyone would think it is.

Well, maybe I should have put a smiley behind that one. Or said: take
your words for granted. I know nobody will think of science. I cannot see
why you think that I think that they think.... ;-)

>I'm not surprised you like Voges' work. For every artist there is or has
>been at least one fan who says his/her work is very good. My most favourite
>artists to dislike are Perego, Lockman, and Voges. And now I know that all
>three of them have a bunch of true fans too. 8-)

Well, at least we agree about Perego. I'm not exactly fond, either, of his
"rush hour work" in the bean string stories in the very old LTB's.

Greetings, Henri

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