Marco Barlotti marcobar at
Tue Jan 16 12:21:57 CET 2001

May I summarize in the following way the results about Pete the villain?

Pete with a visible wooden leg = Peg-leg Pete (mostly in daily strips)
Pete with no visible wooden leg = Black Pete (mostly in comic books)

I understand that anyway Gottfredson still called him "Peg-leg Pete" even
after he hid the wooden leg.

By the way, in Italy the name always stayed "Pietro Gambadilegno", which
means "Peter with a wooden leg". But I remember at least one instance of an
Italian translation (in the late '60s, at the time of the lazy, lazy, lazy
translator who murdered Barks' "not-so-ancient mariner) where Pete is
called "Pietro il Nero" (i. e. "Black Pete")... No reference, sorry, it's
just in my mind... Maybe Armando will find it...   ;-)


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