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> This whole discussion perhaps explains that the Italian 
> writers and artists 
> take story-to-story consistency much more seriously than the 
> Americans (with 
> a few exceptions like Barks, Gottfredson, and Rosa) ever did.

I think it's much simpler. It's in the name: the Italian name of Pete is
still "peg-leg", so they are constantly reminded of the fact that he has (or
used to have) a peg leg.

A similar thing happened to Scrooge: because of his name McDuck, even new
(American) writers knew about Scrooge's Scottish descent.

I *do* think that people like Scarpa put extra effort in making consistent
stories. But that doesn't necessarily go for other Italian writers.

> One Scarpa 
> story reprinted by Gladstone picked up on that point; it had 
> Mickey and Pete 
> in such an intense swordfight that ALL their clothes were torn to 
> pieces...

Yes, that is the Tapiocus story: we discussed it here a few days ago.

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