some duck book questions

Georgia D. phalanxgrimlock at
Thu Jan 18 22:27:23 CET 2001

hi all,

Clueless newbie rides again!  I have a few quick
First, I was wondering if there's any been any mention
of any relatives of Flintheart Glomgold in the books? 
I've always assumed he was an orphan and didn't know
any of his family, but I have quite a few gaps in my
collection so I could've missed something.  Any
sisters, nephews, ect?

Second, I was wondering if the duck books (Donald Duck
and/or Uncle Scrooge) will ever be published in the
United States again?  From what I last heard,
Gladstone was having problems renewing the license to
publish them (?).

And one last (silly) one.... I was rereading Rosa's
"Island at the Edge of Time" (US# 276) the other day
and noticed the plane Keoki flew looked (to me) a lot
like Baloo's plane (the "Seaduck") from TaleSpin,
which Rosa wrote a few episodes of.  My imagination?

Sorry if these have been asked before, I did some
research prior to posting but couldn't find any
--Georgia D.

"Hey, look what that monkey's doing!  Right in public, too!  Ha ha!  That's gross!  How come I'm not allowed to do that?!"

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