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Mon Jan 22 08:32:11 CET 2001

> Who said that? U$crooge is alive. You can see this in many 
> stories from Italy, Denmark, and so for...

It is Don Rosas estimated "death-date" if $crooge would have lived 
in our "real" world. Of course Scrooge isn't dead!!  But as most
comic characters he (and all the rest of the Ducks) are like
in a suspended aging..  HDL for ever doomed to be preteens.

So.. accordingly... All Don Rosas U$-comics takes place BEFORE 1967.

Scrooge didn't actually *DIE* that year.. But Carl Barks stopped drawing 
him..  Which is.. a sort of "death" of the Classic $crooge Comic.. :-)

Don Rosa did a famous "tomb-stone" drawing of the Duck-family
(old Donald and Daisy... Grown up HDL) as a spoof...

I'm sure som list-member could post the address to a scan of
that Rosa-drawing somewhere on the net for you if you would
like to see it... :-)

          // Steamboat Willie

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