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Mon Jan 22 09:09:08 CET 2001

> his question was if anyone knew what adventures he went on 
> after mining gold in the Koldike and before meeting Heuy, 
> Duey, Louie, and Donald.  I was very confused about that.  
> I would really apprecate someone telling me or making a 
> short list (if this isnt't asking too much) or saying 
> what comics this infromation might be in.

The information can be found scattered throughout alla
Carl Barks Comics..  Scrooge reveals small bits of his
history with just comments like "I was doing...[something]
 in Montana in my youth" or "I earned my first dime polishing
shoes in [somewhere in Scotland]" etc.

If you want to read a collected history I can only recommend
Don Rosa's "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" (on this list
referred to as "LoS") that came in the late 1990's.

Don Rosa collected all Barks small Scrooge-references he could 
find and made his own history. By many (almost all except the 
most die-hard Barks-fan) regards these stories as Canonical.

  // Steamboat Willie

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