Uncle Scrooge Mc Duck His Life And Times

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> The book was published in 1981 by Celestial Arts, Millbrae, California. It
> has ISBN # 0-89087-290-2 (Hardbound deluxe edition including a signed and
> numbered lithograph "Wanderers of Wonderlands" by Barks). I think the book
> was also published as a trade paperback, but I'm not quite sure.
-- It was; I bought a copy a few years ago.

> The book contains reprints of 11 of Carl Barks' Scrooge stories plus a new
> story titled "Go Slowly Sands of Time". The latter is not a comic but a
> text
> story with illustrations (circa one illustration per page). In addition
> the
> book contains articles about Barks and even an introduc(k)tion by Barks
> himself.
-- Yes, in fact there are several text pieces by Barks; one on each of the
stories as I recall. And then there's an introduc(k)tion by George Lucas.
It's a nice book, but the colouring is too exotic for my taste. Btw,
somebody told me that Vicar later drew comic version of Go Slowly Sands of


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