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Thu Jan 25 02:39:46 CET 2001

The Finnish weekly Aku Ankka has a great web page at . Recently they've added all kinds of great stuff
including quizes, a FAQ, a character gallery etc. Now, they even have the
family tree made after Don Rosa's model.

For some reason they're not using the entire Rosa art, but just the
faces in circles. These they've tied together with computer created tree
branches with noose like knots signifying a (married) couple that has

Now, you remember how Scrooge's ancestry was pretty much just thrown in
with no branches to properly connect them. Well, in this version they have
(obviously just to tie them in with the way the decided to depict the
tree) Sir Roast, Sir Swamphole, Seafoam, Malcolm and Sir Quackly as
siblings. And their parents are none other than... Sir Stuft and Sir Eider

I'd just like to be the first one to express my full support to Aku Ankka
for making such a powerful statement. I'm not yet sure if this means that
Sir Eider or Sir Stuft was a female trasvestite or that they were both
male and just adopted the kids (possibly from their own previous
marriages). I think only Sir Roast looks like he could be Sir Stuft's
offspring, though.

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