Scrooge's assets

Kenneth Glendinning neth80 at
Thu Jan 25 14:24:01 CET 2001

There is no way to guess scrooge's wealth as it has been changed so meny 
times by so meny artists (writers).
One says he has only the bin others say he has more money bins.
And in the life and times of scrooge mcduck it says he has much more in 
banks and more across the globe.
Also Scrooge may not only have cash in the money bin but other valued items 
such as treasure diamonds etc.

>would probably mean that Scrooge is much less rich than we've assumed.

I remember some wiseacre American Scrooge fan sending a letter to Gladstone
Comics (I think) in which he computed the actual cash capacity of the Money

He exposed Scrooge as a paltry trillionaire.

Is it just me, or was he wrong to do so?

Kevin Clark
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