Ludwig von Drake, "finally back!"

Nils Lid Hjort nils at
Fri Jan 26 16:57:09 CET 2001

Egmont Norway are publishing a little series entitled
"Finally back!", featuring half-forgotten Duckburg characters
in solo-albums. These are around 100 pages and come with 
three-page introductions written by suitable (or unsuitable)
persons. So far, these are 
	#1: Fethry Duck (preface: Jon Gisle)
	#2: Moby Duck (preface: Erik Hørthe)
	#3: Ludwig von Drake (preface: Nils Lid Hjort)
	#4: John D Rockerduck ("Rikerud", not out yet) 

What make these slightly awkward publication-wise is that these
characters are declared "dead and unusable" in other quarters,
notably "Egmont Central". A contemporary writer or artist 
for Egmont is not allowed to use or refer to any of these
(as far as I understand). This might explain why this series
is published in Norway but not in the usual parallel editions
in Sweden and Denmark. Nevertheless, there is no logical break
for Egmont Norway, since the stories quite openly & by defnition 
are old and not new. 

Swedes and Danes wishing to buy these might presumably write
to Egmont Oslo somehow from the pages [possibly
via the link?]. 

So Ludwig vD is "dead" in Egmont Europe, but not necessarily
in other empires. I understand he is fairly often seen and used
in South America, in particular Brazil? 

I was recently made aware of a 46-page story about the history
of computers, 
	Walt Disney apresenta a historia do Computadoa ,
published in Brazil (?), featuring still-alive Ludwig vD on the cover
as well as in the story. -- Can anyone provide more accurate 
information? Can one buy this magazine, somehow? 

Nils Lid Hjort 

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