Ludwig von Drake, "finally back!"

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Subject: Ludwig von Drake, "finally back!"

>Egmont Norway are publishing a little series entitled
>"Finally back!", featuring half-forgotten Duckburg characters
>in solo-albums. These are around 100 pages and come with
>three-page introductions written by suitable (or unsuitable)
>persons. So far, these are
>#1: Fethry Duck (preface: Jon Gisle)
>#2: Moby Duck (preface: Erik Hørthe)
>#3: Ludwig von Drake (preface: Nils Lid Hjort)
>#4: John D Rockerduck ("Rikerud", not out yet)

In Sweden it's called "Äntligen tillbaka", but the von Drake one is not out
yet. Anyone interested in this series, can find an index for the Swedish
versions at


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