A Goofy Look at...!

Fernando Ventura fernandopventura at uol.com.br
Mon Jan 29 01:59:12 CET 2001


Someone around here has some info about the history of the series "A Goofy
Look at...!"???
Like, who created this type of Goofy histories? I know that most of then are
draw by the Jaime Diaz Studio, but, besides the name Jaime Diaz, who REALLY
drew this so funny comics? I really like the design of layout in then! Off
course I like Goofy as someone on the story too, specially the one when he
is Eiffel! He is so individualist! Very, very fun! "The Emperoor New Groove"
principal character, Kuzco, made me remenber the Goofy on that comic!

I will probably do somethign Disney like it, to my graduation work, so any
informatin is welcome!

I really like this histories! It's nice to know that some of them are by
ower menber list Bob Foster!
I liked a lot "A Goofy Look at Bicycles" and "A Goofy Look on the Light"!
Ah, yes, I have the index of the Bolderbast site, thank you, Harry!

Thank You!

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