Slightly off-topic but WWII-related (slightly, at least)

Klaus Harms harms313 at
Wed Jan 31 09:07:49 CET 2001


Though in comics - as it seems - no hints are given that Donald actually
fought in WWII, he did so in at least one animated cartoon of that time
(Commando Duck, dir.: Jack King, 1944).
To drift even more off-topic, among the bunch of Disney-made
WWII-related cartoons there is one particular item available on the WWW:
It is "The Spirit of 43" (dir.: King, 1943; no actual battling, though).
Oddly, the cartoon is considered to be public domain, so apparently no
law is violated by distributing or downloading it.
The film is available as Apple Quicktime Movie:
- (ca. 32 MB!)
or in lesser quality as RealMovie:
- (ca. 6.1 MB) or
- (ca. 1.4 MB, but not 

When der Fuehrer says, "Ve ist der Master Race,"
We heil! heil! right in der Fuehrer's Face!

(thanks to Richard Jebe for the links)

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