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Petri Kanninen pkanninen at
Tue Jul 24 14:07:02 CEST 2001

>The first page (finding the newspaper) is weird: first, IMO, there
>are to many wordless panels; then, oddly enough, the dialogue
>looks weird. I think it's a matter of  striking the exact balance,

I think it's nice to have a sequence of wordless panels. Gives me a funny, 
silent feeling in the head. It's like having a little break in the middle of 
a story.

>I like the widening panels too, though there's too much blank
>int he background; maybe they could put a heap of  fish or
>something; it looks unfinished.

And again, I think it's nice and relaxing to have a blank background 
(although I wouldn't change a Rosa story for million billion of these 

>The clock panel is too large: there ought to be some background.

And yet again, I like the feeling of no-hurry it brings to the comic.

>Finally, why this remake? Is it the first story of  that kind? Has he
>done others, and are they remakes as well?

The original Barks story was printed in the same issue, so it was nice to 
compare the two stories. There was also an article explaning why and how 
this story was made. I can't be totally sure but I think first a Japanese 
artist made the Barks story manga-like and then some Egmont-artist inked it. 
Alas, I will see the article next time in two weeks, so I can't translate 
it. But there has been more of these stories, dozens if remember correctly, 
drawn when Egmont thought about going into Japanese market.

>expressions, I noticed that Scrooge's face in these three scans is
>drawn exactly the same way in almost every panel. I found this >extremely 

Hah, I didn't even notice that first. But now that you mention it: yes , 
it's very annoying.

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