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Here's what's in the July issue of Komix:

* Cover by Marco Rota. I've put a scan in
* A two page letters column. In an inset there is mention of Don's birthday on
  June 29.
* A two-page "news of Komix" article. Most noteworthy item is that
  a second Asterix movie, based on Asterix and Cleopatra, is being
  filmed, or, rather, was being filmed a few months ago. Italian artist
  Tanino Liberatore (sp?) is taking part in this movie.
* Barks' "The Great Steamboat Race".
* A one-page article titled "Chasing chimeras on the Missisipi", subtitled
  "Carl Braks in the lairs of Mark Twain and Rhett Buttler".
* Marco Rota's "Il Premio Esotico" (D95139).
* A two-page article titled "When heroes are in the mood for fun", subtitled
  "Superhuman powers, outrageous fun", on superhero parodies. It includes a
  sketch by Don, from the fanzine "Potpourri", revealing the real secret
  identity of Doctor Doom, the terrible enemy of the Fantastic Four.
  I've put a scan of that on http://dias.cti.gr/~kyrimis/pics/doom.jpg
* Paul Murry's "The Cold Ray", from the March 1967 issue of Super Goof.

Next month they'll be publishing Don's "The Vigilante of Pizen Bluff",
and the issue will be 24 pages larger (and 200 drs. more expensive) to
accomodate the first installment of Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier's
"Space Circus", which I still don't understand why they're publishing
in this particular magazine.

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