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Armando, quoting Petri K.:

>>At page 53 when Daisy comes to visit the island, she seems to be
>>redrawn by Perego. That is at least in the Finnish version. I've made a
>>scan of the page at: (207 kb)
>>Is it same in every country?
>Very likely so: the art is exactly the same as in the original edition
>of the story. Before looking at the scan, I thought this to be one more
>instance of Perego drawing a panel or two in order to "connect" the
>different parts of the story for a "Classici di Walt Disney" reprint
>(the story was originally published in "Topolino" as a 3-parter, with
>title and splash page for every part).
>However, page 53 was in the middle of the second part, therefore that's
>not the case. Furthermore, at a closer look, you'll see that Daisy seems
>to be drawn by Taliaferro, rather than Perego.

Yes, I'm confident that this is a Taliaferro Daisy Duck.

>My theory is that Bottaro (or, more likely, one of his assistants)
>copied Daisy from a Taliaferro model sheet

A model sheet, or directly from a strip.

Speaking of re-used panels, I recently saw that Bottaro also used once again
the same Barks drawing in I TL 375-A (Zio Paperone e la costosa eredità),
from the Barks ten-pager in WDC 214 (Paperino floricultore). Maybe Marco
Barlotti can add this in his list of re-used Bottaro drawings.

To Archontis and other fans of Italian stories:
"La costosà eredità" is one of the best short story by Bottaro. If you
haven't read it, that's a story one could not miss. In the same appeal and
by the same author, is "Paperino e il duello alla pistola" (I TL 279-A).

**** SPOILER ****

In the above story, a gang of crooks conduct a hold-up in a bank, and give
the money to the same bank, opening an account.
I recently read that something similar happened in Australia a few months
ago. A person opened an account in a bank after robbing them.

And I always though that Bottaro's story was great but impossible!

Apparently we do try to find a reason for everything in comics while we
don't in the reality, and accept things as they are...

***** END SPOILER ****


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Many Barks panels are also shown in the page, see e.g.:

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