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> [ This message was much delayed because of technical problems and my
>   vacation. Sorry! /Per ]

Just curious: I can understand why the long interview required your
approval, in case it was spam or a copy of a digest, but why was my
posting of the contents of the July issue of Komix delayed as well? Did
it have something to do with it being posted at the same time as the
longer posting?


> ROTFL! This is really funny :-)

I thought so, too, and I don't even know who Doctor Doom is!

(Re: Komix' publishing the "Space Circus")
> That's Dark Horse stuff... I don't understand it either.

I have a nasty suspicion that this is only meant as a trick to keep the
price of the magazine high until the end of the year, as the series will
be published until November, and the December issue will probably be a
more expensive Christmas special.  When they convert to the euro next
year, the price can then be higher than the long-forgotten price that
Komix used to have until July, which few people will remember so that
they can complain. :(

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