( Sorta OT ) U.S. Comics Sales II !!!!!

Francois Willot Willot.Francois at ec-lille.fr
Fri Jul 27 15:28:55 CEST 2001

Hi Olivier, "W.L." Lilly,

>De: Olivier
>W.L. Lilly:        (I can't find your name; Walter? Walt?)
>I don't know anything about an Enlgish-language publication
>here in France. I'm pretty sure there isn't-- François?
>Even as albums.

There was an educational publication called "Magic English" made to learn
English. Five or six issues were published a few years ago, but I haven't
seen any other recently.
There are also a few English comics (gags) in the Journal de Mikey and
Mickey-Parade, produced in France.


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