Kriton - Re: " Oy vey " .

WL Lilly liljerryandtheyadayadakiddz at
Fri Jul 27 21:34:33 CEST 2001

  I believe it's Yiddish , and I think has a somewhat
similar - linage ? - to " Oy gevalt " - Yeah , in this
context , I guess your comparison to the sort of terms
that Carl's character's use is accurate . I'm not
Jewish , so , anyway , I guess I'm using it a bit -
improperly ? Not just , I guess , in not being Jewish
 say , but in that , I guess the original meaning
might  reflect something a bit more
cosmic/deeper-hitting than lousy sales of comics - Ah
well , blame a
 ( mid-Twentieth century , more or less )
 generation of American Jewish
comedians/actors/writers of comedy/comedic fiction and
non-fiction for kind of getting it into the vernacular
in the U.S.A. I seem to remember a Don R. cartoon or
to , during his fan years , using it ! Must go , more
later !

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