Death in Disney comics

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Sun Jul 29 14:01:51 CEST 2001


>> In "Topolino e i fantasmi neri" (I TL 466-B) two of Clarabelle's uncles
>> have an accident with a helicopter and die. This happens in an episode drawn
>> by Perego (otherwise the story is drawn by Carpi) so I don't know if the
>> scene is in the original publications.
>Interesting... I TL 466-B has just been reprinted in Italy in "Grandi
>Classici" 176: Clarabelle's uncles die because of the explosion of a bomb in
>their pumpkin field. The scene is drawn by Carpi. I've checked an older
>Italian reprint (CWD 32, from 1969), and there's no trace of Perego there,
>either... maybe Perego re-drew the scene for a later reprint (CD 57, or TM
>27)? Can anybody check?

Just checked the CD 57 reprint against the original, and there's no
difference, and no trace of Perego's art anywhere.
It's the bomb explosion (a leftover of military manoeuvres) that does
it for the uncles... the concept is, however, treated with some...
"lightness"... the farmer, after the explosion, goes "Oh... the Cow
brothers just disappeared..."

It is left to the reader's imagination to make out exactly how and
where they might have "disappeared"... :-)


Eta Beta

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