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Mon Jul 30 12:35:16 CEST 2001


> I'd like tell you that I open a new Disney site about a famous
> collaborator of Disney Italia. His name is LUCIANO GATTO

I grew up in the sixties reading the Greek MIKY MAOUS. Some of the stories
I read there made a deep impression on me, and I remember them clearly,
to this day. Thanks to Gladstone's effort in promoting Barks, I found
that one of the people who drew these memorable stories was Carl Barks. I
later found that another of these artists was Romano Scarpa. Recently,
I've discovered the names of a couple more of these artists, namely
Pier Lorenzo De Vita (which probably explains my dislike for his son's
work--their styles are so different that it's hard to like both),
and, most important, Luciano Gatto, who seems to have made the deepest
impression in my young soul, more than any of those other artists that
I've mentioned.

Needless to say, your Gatto page is extremely appreciated, even though
I can only "read" Italian by guessing the meaning of the words using my
knowledge of other languages. (A practice which, strange as it may sound,
seems adequate for me to enjoy Italian comics!)

I am looking forward to being able to read your pages in English, though I
obviously cannot help in translating them. Perhaps, since your English is
not as bad as you make it sound, you could use Alta Vista's translation
service ( to get rough translations of your
pages, which you can then clean up to compensate for any errors that
the automatic translator will make.


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