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> The appearances of the moneybin and Duckburg are inconsistent, but 
> still I can't help daydreaming about how far such a three-dimensional 
> project could go.
> Best wishes,
> --- Daniel
> PS. One practical purpose of this imaginary project could be a 
> Duck Adventures video-game in which the player:
> - has to avoid danger when leading the Micro-Ducks through Duckburg (US 65)
> - has to hide for Daisy's club (WDC 101 nightmare story)
> - has to avoid spies when bringing a serum to Codfish Cove (WDC 114)
> - has to reach the surpressed desire party in an armor suit (WDC 198)
> - etc. etc. etc.
> If this game would get a mutliple player network-option, we could all

The closest things that's out there at the moment to what you're describing 
is the recent DONALD DUCK: GOING QUACKERS game for PC, PlayStation, 
PlayStation2, and Nintendo64. Still, this is a fairly simple twitch-action 
game that uses a few Barksian elements but nevertheless feels more like 
something out of classic Disney animation than the comics, in terms of 
sophisticatedness of story, characters, humor, etc.

One day hopefully that will change. :-) I'm studying to be a game developer 
(about to start my second summer as a programmer at a game company) and one 
of my dream projects is to one day work on an intelligent Adventure Game 
(adventure games have no combat; you run around solving problems by way of 
wit and logic -- think the MONKEY ISLAND series, if any of you are familiar 
with that) featuring the BarksDucks.

Not likely to ever happen, of course, but I can dream... And one day, when 
the time is right, I will certainly try. I bet getting the license from 
Disney will be more difficult than actually making the game -- after all, it 
would prominently recast their sacred versatile corporate icons as characters 
with set personalties, and we can't have that, now can we. :-)

-Yossi Horowitz
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