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Fri Jun 1 19:35:54 CEST 2001

I must apologise to Mr. W.L. Lilly for my having a memory made of mush.  I 
realise now, that the all-time high comic book sales figures quoted at above 
3million, must have been ANNUAL sales totals, NOT monthly circulation totals.  
As the indicia and legally mandatory "circulation statement" did not, in those 
times, include print run totals, we do not have access to monthly figures.  The 
figures quoted to me by Malcom Willits and others in the 1960s AND those 
printed in Willits' article must be annual figures.Tom Andrae informed me that 
the monthly figures are not available.  So, in 1953, (mostly)the same group of 
250,000 - 270,000 people wer buying Walt Disney's Comics and stories each 
month.  So, we have no way of knowing what the drop-off was when Barks' stories 
stopped appearing.

My feeble memory now reminds me that we had this same discussion several months 
ago among several Scandinavian, a few Finnish and a few US DCML members.

If anyone has John Nichols' current e-mail address, could they please send it 
to me.  I can then ask him what circulation or sales figures are in his Barks 
Collector back issue.  Thanks,  Rob Klein

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