German translations (was: Cowboy captain)

Norman nlt at
Sat Jun 2 18:22:29 CEST 2001

Well, I checked the story with that JW-Jubilee, Osborne and Taliaferro 
are named there.
About King Scrooge I can only tell you that there are two different 
translations one used in MM and the other in the albums.

There are also two versions of "The Quest for Kalevala", again one MM 
and one album. I compared them and noticed that, in the MM version, some 
words where changed to adapt the story to joung readers. The "rhymes" 
where also changed to make them easier to understand for children. It 
seems that the german translator Peter Daibezeiher is forced to do so, 
but doesn´t like it either. This would explain the different 
translations of some stories, all made by him.

Seems to be part of german tradition. I think of Star Trek The Original 
Series: the episodes gained a whole new meaning, thanks to german 
translations, adapted to younger people.


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