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Anders Christian Sivebaek acsive at mail.mira.dk
Sun Jun 3 20:33:09 CEST 2001

Remember that I told about certain Duckburgian names being used as
common language in Denmark? Such as the fact that everyone would knwo
what a McDuck was. 
One thing that surprises me today is that I see on one of the big
newspapers' homepage that the police are making a JW Guidebook for
their cobs, about when to use weapons and such, in connection with the
new Schengen-deal about internation cooperation between police. 
Anyone have any idea what the wise police commisar means with a JW
Guidebook about when to use weapons? 

I was looking for another article though, about a new pocketbook with
reprints from pocketbooks - stories with the Junior Woodchucks who have
their  50 year  appearence-jubilee this year. 

On another note the norwegian VG hasn't any info online about their
article about the bin. 
And allthought the expression to have a money bin is very known in DK,
no paper printed anything about the blueprints... 
Donald might not be as popular here as in Norway ?

A. C. Sivebaek
acsive at mail.mira.dk

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