558: Rant rave reaction and new Rosa story, art and other things

Anders Christian Sivebaek acsive at mail.mira.dk
Fri Jun 8 21:08:35 CEST 2001

Kriton, I checked the comic you mention, and that artist is either the,
or one of them, who draws in a what i would call Picasso-like style.
That being almost an insult towards Picasso. I agree, that it's not
like Italian disney at all. IMO it looks horrible...

Søren was correctly talking about the BB vs. MB story, as you presume. 
and you're right there are many references in the story. There's
a h... of a lot of references to barks-stories, I made a list filling a
sheet of my Donald-comic-sized paper. 
Of course Don's invention (is that correct?), the trophy-room makes
there be
many references to old Barks treasure hunt stories. 
And of course the blueprints are one big reference to Barks. 

Harry, if you would like a copy, I have extra doubles that aren't
reserved for anyone 
(at least not, now that I heard Don received the issue.). But of course
be in danish. You're very welcome to get one of them! :-)
Yes, You'll have to guard yourself with patience if you want to see it
in the DD Extra. 

well, Harry, duckhunt has a maillist and a forum too, so you have to
join there too ;-)
No, you don't, only if you like. Well, I presume the reason is that
it's fun to have a forum 
of ones own, and maybe some of the founders haven't heard of the dcml.
tell them 
about it, and about which persons are here, then they might pop up. 
On the duckhunt list we at some point talked about maling something to
Don Rosa, 
but a wise finnish member knew how much mail this cartoonist gets every
day already, so
he adviced the persons to join this list. Where Don reads and answers
questions to him, 
so that many other readers will also see it. 

>The core of the story is an "independant" black comedy.
Just a teaser: Did you not notice the trophy room? The barks-references
are nice and not
at all heavy or something, but I don't find that they are ever. But you
know me, don't you? :-)

DAVID ("Lurker")
You should go to clubs.yahoo and search for the Barks and Rosa page. I
joined very easily myself
Yes, I pitty you guys very much, and I can't do any other than to offer
you too to get a danish copy 
of the story, which you wouldn't be able to read, unless you do read
danish. And I would have to 
find that copy at a second hand, because I have to keep an issue for
myself, one for Arie and for a 
swedish friend, and one is reserved to Harry, if he wants it. 

Reindeers? It's not reindeers, it's those with the big antlers, red
deers (the male is a stag). Sorry that I laughed. 
The clichee about the stag rutting at the forest lake is very known in
Denmark. of course
my grandparents had it too, and sorry I find it nice. 
remember: reindeers are in front of santa's sled, stags are at the
forest lake (big clichees here) 
Of course I follow you Søren, we shouldn't shut of for new artists like
those Picassos you mention. 
They're just not my cup of tea. If you hint to Jippes or others I of
course know their style and 
recognized a panel from the story this week (HDL smoking cigars) from
one or another fanzine. 

When I was at the small art exhibition in my town some long time ago, I
btw looked into a very green blue
painting and told myself that I felt the atmosphere of the
Kalevala-story by Don

A. C. Sivebaek
acsive at mail.mira.dk

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