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Sat Jun 9 14:01:21 CEST 2001

>This is something that is
>a natural and automatic result, which cannot be avoided.  Naturally,
>to tie a plot around the connecting of events to the linking of the
>of previous events would result in the use of less originality than
>inventing all new details and tying a completely new plot around these
But still we know it's harder to do so, I at least heard that several
times, that it's harder to build a story on another because you have to
reference to it, but not repeat it. I once read a swedish article which
in my eyes critizised Don's back to Plain Awfull for being a repetition
of, not a sequel for Lost in The Andes. I for one don't agree, but
maybe others do. 

>I believe there is a place for Both types of stories by him.  Those of
>who wish to read about and visualise what happened before and after
one of
>Barks' classical stories, or learn more about the details relating to
>will likely enjoy Don's historical stories more.  Those of us who
>even more, Don's cereativity in stories not related to specific Barks
>references, will enjoy Don's unrelated stories more.  This way,
>can be happy to some degree.  The only problem comes between the
groups of
>fans who want Don to produce a higher percentage of his stories (or
>pages) in their particular genre of choice.
Then we're lucky that Don has said that he hears from many fans, who
each like a story best. I imagine there's a fan for every story, I mean
there are fans who love one story and others who love another, and
there might be such for every Rosa, Barks, Klein or any artist. 
Don and others know this and therefore make the stories that they
themselves like the best doing. I hear Don likes
best to the long historic stories, and luckily I'm one who loves those.
I'm glad this latest gag-story (can I anyway call it that?) is so good.
eg. the Anb Eye of Detail hadn't got me jumping, whereas the A matter
of Soem Gravity had both me and friends laughing at the genius plot and
design of pages. 

So, being a long-story fan I look forward to that coming story from

Has that lost crown  belonged to a french king btw? A fellow fan
wondered, and if I ask here, more people will hear the answer. 

> A. C. Sivebaek
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