one of Anders' many long e-mails

Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Sun Jun 10 21:28:13 CEST 2001

Anders (June 08):

> Søren was correctly talking about the BB vs. MB story [..]
> Harry, if you would like a copy, I have extra doubles

Thanks. I'll be happy to just *look* at a copy (for instance at Duco's
place, near the end of the month), since I think I'll have a copy that I can
*read* sooner or later.

> well, Harry, duckhunt has a maillist and a forum too, so you have to
> join there too ;-)

I'm not fond of forums where I have to visit a website to read the messages.
Then I can't keep track of what I've read.
I saw you post a lot on a German forum too, but I don't follow that one

> On the duckhunt list we at some point talked about maling something to
> Don Rosa, 
> but a wise finnish member knew how much mail this cartoonist 
> gets every day already, so
> he adviced the persons to join this list.

That's a good thing to do: if Don answers a question on DCML, it prevents
others from asking the same question again. So in the end it will save Don
some time.

> Reindeers? It's not reindeers

You're right. The plural of "reindeer" is "reindeer". 8-)


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