Don Rosa's arrogance

john garvin jgarvin at
Mon Jun 11 04:16:37 CEST 2001

Don Rosa wrote: <Ah.  Got lots of your money invested in Another Rainbow lithographs, eh?>

*Laughs out loud*  Yeah, when someone is incapable of responding to an argument with reason or critical
thinking, they always resort to personal attacks.  Well, actually no, Don, I do not have any money invested
in Another Rainbow lithographs.  I own ONE, The Makings of a Fish Story, which I own because I was the one
who gave Barks the idea for doing a painting of the ducks treasure hunting underwater, on one of my many
visits to his home and studio to discuss painting.  Who do you think you are?  I am not the one coming onto a
public forum telling a world wide audience that they should ignore a quarter century of work by a revered
artist.  That would be you.  It takes a lot of gall, if you ask me, because everything you are, everything
you've done, everything you have created, everything you have written and drawn, you owe to Carl Barks.  You
are nothing without him.  How dare you think you are in a position to judge work that he has done as being
fit to be remembered or forgotten?

I aplogize to the rest of the list in advance for this angry vent, but I am tired of Don Rosa disparaging the
later work of a man whom he owes his livelyhood to.  Barks did not die in the early 1960s, as Don Rosa seems
to believe.  Barks lived for another quarter of a century creating and drawing, and painting.  Barks will be
remembered for that work, whether Don Rosa likes it or not.

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