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Olaf Solstrand harryklein at
Mon Jun 11 08:52:49 CEST 2001

I feel that this discussion is heading towards the wrong direction (no 
matter how un-grammatical correct that was).

As I've written in my homepage (which I guess none of you have read, since 
it's in Norwegian), every man or woman has to believe in what he or she 
feels is correct.
It is impossible to believe in every story that is written. You must make up 
your mind in lots of cases:
- Are the ducks immortal, or does all the stories find place in the fifties?
- If Carl Barks writes a story in 1956, does it mean that it happened in 
1956?- Does Mickey and his pals exist?
- If so, does he live in the same town as Donald?
- And are they friends of Donald?
- Does Fethry exist?
- Where is Duckburg?
- Should I believe in Rosa's Life of Scrooge?
- Should I believe that the Money Bin Blueprints are the original blueprints 
of the Money Bin?
- Was the Money bin built in 1902 or 50 years later?

You always have to concider a few of these things. But the most important is 
that YOU SHOULD LOVE THE ART, NOT THE ARTIST! (When I use the word art here, 
I actually mean the scripts, but that doesn't cling the same way) Carl Barks 
IS the greatest artist ever - and it's right, we DO all owe Carl Barks a 
lot. Duckburg would have been NOTHING without him! But that doesn't mean 
that HE, and HE ALONE, is God. It's up to what we prefer to BELIEVE IN!
Don Rosa prefers, as myself, to believe in the 50's-theory. Many of Barks' 
stories can be read with the 50's-theory. But when Carl Barks suddenly 
writes a story like "Horsing around in history", I feel that I have no 
reason to believe in it! There's faxes mentioned, hi-tec searching boats, 
and I think I even saw a cellular phone! Carl Barks is the best - as long as 
he lets his stories happen in the 1950s! Unfortunately did CB do this only 
IN the 1950s...
Love the art, not the artist!!! Carl Barks has written tons of GREAT 
stories, and I love them! But for his post-1960s-work: I haven't seen too 
much of it, but if it contains ducks and situations that would be impossible 
for the 1950s - I choose to ignore it. As I would have done if he made a 
drawing of ducks and mice, a drawing of Fethry, a drawing where Scrooge and 
Grandma are siblings...

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