Dumbo and Barks (2)

Olivier mouse-ducks at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jun 11 11:36:00 CEST 2001

Lucky me: it was in the first "Super Picsou Géant" I took!
(SPG 6, August 1984-- I was ten!)

The story code here is WGMFF-1010-A.B.C.D.

That's one thing I wanted to say in my previous message but forgot:
the story was clearly divided in 4 substories, each starting with a
splash panel.
    The first one is the Dumbo & Br'er Fox story.
    Uncle Scrooge arrives in the second one.
    He seems to be gone when Donald & Daisy arrive in the third part,
    followed by Gyro.
    The fourth one co-stars Big Bad Wolf, with only Grandma, HDL and Gus,
    as in the first one.

I remember it was reprinted by Gladstone in one of  a two-volume albums
series. I didn't get it because of  a mistake I made in my order (stupid me
mixed things up & gave the wrong reference), and by the time I received
it I couldn't get the right one.          :' (
But I found out that I somehow prefer seeing such stories in the "Journal de
Mickey Géant" or the "Super Picsou Géant" I first read (and re-.....-re-read)
them than in the albums. They are in French, and colored a special way
(the color is OK; but it's two pages in color, then two pages in b&w & red tones),
but to these are attached very fond memories-- not memories of  specific
events, simply of  reading them and enjoying every bit.   [Sigh...]


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