Intini, Paintings

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Mon Jun 11 13:20:34 CEST 2001

Thanks for the scan, Kriton!
So that's how it looks like...

I don't like it either. It would be okay with his own characters,
albeit a bit too extreme.
Such extremes as shown on these pages become unbearable
when overused; you can't squash & stretch and have a character
react react that way in every single panel-- exception: p2  panel 4.
Just like Tex Avery: if  the wolf  was constantly  walking around
the pin-up girm with his eyes out of  their sockets & slack-jawed,
it wouldn't be funny but tiring. It is just too much.

Surely, it's nice to have some diversity rather than cookie-cutter /
rubber stamp  characters as must be the case throughout a film.
Van Horn's ducks are definitely not Barks or Egmont ducks,
but they are highly enjoyable.

I can't remember the name of  the TV series: "Qwak something"?
I have only seen two or three episodes, which are entertaining.
But I simply hate the characters they call Huey, Dewey and Louie:
they're way too modern street-wise kids.

One final thing: does anyone know why Barks so drastically changed
Daisy & Gladstone in his very last stories (the beauty salon and the
Ancient Mariner ones)? Editorial demand, I presume? How horrible
they look! they can't be Daisy and Gladstone! They must be-- they
have to be-- cons!


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