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Everyone owes Barks much, every duck-publisher, the disney company (for
cartoons, comics and huge publicity for them), egmont - my point of
wiev is that they wouldn't have existed, had it not been of him - nor
would any of the drawers they or Holland or almost any publisher has,
as they all base their duck-stories on charecters invented by Carl,
charecters beautifully changed into what Carl needed them to be, and
many of these based own stories (some, like the manuscript makers of
some Vica-stories maybe a bit too much, so as it became repetition) on
stories by Carl. The reason I don't firstly mention Italy in Europe is
that Mickey had allready begun there, but if the comic had ever been so
greatly sold as is, eg. Scarpa would have had a much much smaller group
of charecters to work and what about all the others?
We don't have to ask where the one of my own favorites Don would be in
this, Don would of course not have drawn his stories with the
charecters by Barks, as they wouldn't have been. We can't really start
to imagine what would have happened

The more serious person than me would maybe claim, that this is off
course hypothetic. But as we're actually interested in some kind of
fantasy-world, very much, or less close to our own world, lets imagine
a theory that I see in some books I read by an author named Philip
Pullman (The Golden Compass, The subtle knife). For every thing that
could've been different, there's a universe (makes an unblievably large
amound of universes). In the second of the two books, (the third one is
out, haven't read it), two kids travel through an opening between 3 of
these universes.  
Lets imagine our own universe as it is, and the same one, where Barks
would have done one thing different, before he became a cartoonist, or
where he was never born, or imagine it, as it would have been with mice
and ducks. If we imagine this - what a strange world the one without
Barks would have been, we wouldn't have been us, noone would have been
themselves so to speak ( I don't even know  what to call this theory or
what it is.). - But now if we are back looking at the world as it is,
where everyone is themselves. Let's imagine people with a fantastic
ability, to see what is in one other world, the one with Ducks. or the
one with mice and ducks, or mice only, (or any of the storeis we like)
these people would tell/write/draw in panels what they see going on in
that parallel world, possibly with the same dates and years, where
people just look like ducks or dogs or other animals. 
Later on, the man who started writing and drawing in the 1940'es began
to get another vision of the world he had earlier made famous as
comics, so he would paint. 
Not to be narrow-minded about my comic-interest, maybe an author Jules
Verne and any other author is able to do the same, with another
parallel, and write what he sees. 

If the thery should have anything logic in it, there would be a world
for every choice possibly made different, it would again make a large
number, and perhaps it makes it all as impossible as it is anyway, as
as many people as there ever lived on earth would have an incredibly
high number of choices to make every week, day, minute...

Readers of the mentioned books by Pullman may rightly claim that this
is based on my reading of the books, and it's only a possibly
completely crazy thought?

If someone would like to kick me out, telling me to go to a philosophy
list, I would join one, but I don't really want to miss out on what
happens here. 

A. C. Sivebaek
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