Rodney w bowcock jr. rodney-selfhelpbikeco at
Tue Jun 12 04:28:11 CEST 2001

Am I the only one who found Mr. Garvin's remarks about Don Rosa to be
especially ironic considering how he calls Don arrogant, and then
proceeds to tell us how he suggested the idea of a Barks painting to him
on one of his "many visits" to his home. much more arrogant can you get?  Like Mr. Garvin's
opinions are more valid than the rest of ours because he met Carl Barks? 
Your opinion is just that.  Your opinion.  So somebody doesn't like
Barks' paintings.  Get over it.  

And Daniel.........we all know very well how you don't like Don.  Your
comment was really uncalled for.  

I remember a time when we would talk about comic books on
here............for the past few months everyone just bickers between
themselves.  How dull.

I just met former Disney Comics colorist Anthony Tollin on an Old-Time
Radio list  and suggested he join this list.  Now I think I may have made
a mistake.

Rodney Bowcock

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